Not long ago, Honda luxury division has confirmed that the new Acura NSX is already in development. Literally at the same time came the news that legendary car Acura,which is the hallmark of the company for many years, has been tuned by the owner sothat the car notice the news agency.

It is an Acura NSX 1997 issue, which is recorded on the odometer mileage is 39 000 km. Photos of a tuning car was provided by Mike Burroughs (Mike Burroughs) of thetuning company Stanceworks. NSX stands before us in all its glory, as Shoed a newset of wheels HRE C95. Five-way wheels have been toned in the center and polishedon the outside. The front wheels are size 18×8.5, Rear - 19×10. Wheels from HRE is considered one of the easiest in the world because they are fixed with titaniumscrews.