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Walking around Kiev

The historical center of Kiev - a great place for walking. It is especially attractive in the warmer months - when all the greens are already in bloom. Our capital - a city park, and walk through the center of Kiev is transformed into a journey from one park to another. Vladimir Hill, Arch of Friendship of Peoples, the Mariinsky Park, Park of Glory and Spiovchee field - this is not a complete list of places worth a visit.
I’ll tell you about some:

House with Chimeras

House with Chimeras

This building was built by renowned architect Vladislav Gorodetsky on the former bank of dried goat’s marshes, forbidden to the building. It was believed that this is impossible to build a cliff. There are several versions, for what reason did this house was built on so unfavorable to the erection of the buildings location. Some say that Gorodetsky built it in memory of his daughter drowned, explaining that the marine animals and a sinking ship richly adorn the house. According to another house was built on a bet with another famous architect Alexander Kobelev. The most popular version, the house was created to advertise the cement plant for the co-owner of the product of which was a very Gorodetsky (as it was the first house built on cement, and even in such unfavorable to the structure of the site.) However, Gorodetsky, whether on a bet, whether as a flamboyant advertising, there still thick with some reason decided to take this step.
By the way, in fact, chimeras on a house there – instead, the building is decorated with lovely animals, which at one time Gorodetsky hunting in Africa. According to local legend, if all this accumulation of different animals to find the crocodile and make a wish, it will come true. However, to find the crocodile is not easy, but try to be!
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St. Michael’s Monastery

St. Michael’s Monastery - one of the oldest monasteries of Kiev. It was erected in 1108-1113, respectively. St. Michael’s Cathedral was of particular importance for the people of Kiev, as has been devoted to the Archangel Michael - the heavenly patron of Kiev.Interestingly, in the XII century the monastery was the burial place of the Kievan princes.
In 1108 Svyatopolk - grandson of Yaroslav the Wise, founded in Kiev, the site of the ancient monastery of Demetrius, St. Michael’s Monastery. In the same year, to commemorate the victory over the Kipchaks, began the erection of the cathedral in the name of the Archangel Michael, leader of the heavenly army. It was only in 1113 St. Michael’s Cathedral was consecrated.

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