Compared with the speaker’s speech, essay, written as a kind of journalistic style, is committed to a longer and, therefore, the slower the effect. In the oratory can rarely meet the maxim, Paradox, aphorism, because the very process of perception of this form of presentation of ideas requires an appropriate concentration, attention, which, in turn, takes time.

In his essay, on the contrary, the written form allows for more prolonged and careful analysis of expression and form in which this statement is clothed. It is also widely used in the essay style of the APA and the apa headings. APA (English American Psychological Association (APA) Style).
Maxim is one of the major stylistic devices of moral and philosophical essays. Just as in other varieties of journalistic style, the language of the essay is determined by the general laws of this style, stemming from problems of communication. The essay is not literary images. Face the facts, the events described in the essay are true. Therefore, in the English literature, and biographical essays have appeared. Individually creative interpretation of the facts can not really go beyond the assessment of elements of speech.