Volkswagen Golf VII

In Scandinavia arrived team of engineers conducting sea trials of the prototype seventh generation – Volkswagen Golf VII.

Body “popular” car is completely hidden from prying eyes in black and white veil, but the overall silhouette of the model suggests that a radical change in the conformation of Volkswagen Golf VII will not happen. And if the stylistic frills, the model is not so much a technical change – more than enough. The car is built on a new modular platform MQB, which also designed the new Audi A3 and SEAT Leon, and equip a diverse line of the composition of power plants.
In the range of engines, in particular, will go gasoline engine with cylinder deactivation half, 2.0-liter diesel engine that develops 184 hp and 379 Nm of torque and 260 hp petrol engine capacity of 2.0 liters. The latter engine is designed for the sports version of the model Golf GTI, which normally will be equipped with front differential with electronically controlled.
Volkswagen Golf VII plans to equip a hybrid whose battery can be charged while driving and the parking lot of the household electrical outlet. Aggregate total capacity of 243 hp will consume an average of the combined cycle 100 kilometers 5.6 liters of fuel.

Volkswagen Golf VIIVolkswagen Golf VIIVolkswagen Golf VII
The premiere of Volkswagen Golf VII will be held in late September at the international motor show in Paris.