Kombat T-98After the armored vehicles Tiger and Wolf has a new Russian armored vehicle Kombat T-98. Russian engineers are not stingy with the modern technical equipment and implementing new ideas in creating a car Kombat T-98.

During its development have been established with the chassis components and assemblies manufactured by the American General Motors. The body is designed as an all-metal construction from high-alloy steel unibody for the scheme, which provides maximum strength parameters and body design of the car as a whole. Shop can be executed in two trim levels: “VIP” and “patrol car”. The main difference between them, is that in the “VIP” configuration is used only leather and wood, full power accessories, stereo system, a special high-quality paint the body.Combat Vehicle in two variants – a 5 seater sedan and 9 (12), local touring, which can be equipped with three types of protection:

1) Rro (2-3 cells., V2/B3) – Protection against all types of small arms (pistol Makarov, CT, ultrasound machine type) protection class V2/S2, as well as the car provides a high strength parameters from mechanical damage such as “ram”, the heavy stones and concrete structures, steel structures, etc.
2) Hi.Pro (4 5kl., B5/B6) – Protection against AKM bullet with thermally hardened core SVD bullet with steel core, as well as NATO rifle G3 (protection class V5/S4)
3) Hi.Pro.S (6kl., B7, and more) – an additional package, increasing the perimeter of the car in areas of maximum probability of defeat, glazing up to 100mm thickness, the reduced glass area, and a combination metal-spaced defense.

Plus, this car is Combat T-98 is equipped with the following equipment:- Increased size of the hatch, for evacuation purposes, and for the installation special configuration

- A system of complete sealing of the cabin, as well as the system of active extracts, and HLF (filter-set) from the harmful effect of toxic gases
- Loopholes that provide management of return fire from automatic weapons with a suction system propellant gases, loopholes can be equipped with electrically opening and closing
- Driver’s side window may be provided downtake glass thickness up to 50mm (up to the level of V5/S4)
- Airbags (one or two)- Air conditioning or, air conditioning system
- Automatically closing shutters armor radiator- Electric and heated seats
- Preheater engine and passenger compartment heating system is an autonomous programming and remote control
- Winch on the front and rear bumper
It remains to buy such an armored car, dressed in russian military uniforms and scaring people :)