Italian design studio Pininfarina released a video teaser of its new concept car - a sports sedan Cambiano, public debut will take place in March at the Motor Show in Geneva. This is the fourth teaser - now the company has shown the back of the car body. Previously demonstrated the headlamp head light, front fender and the roof.

Detailed information about the technical characteristics of the prototype is still there. Earlier, representatives of the studio said that the car was designed with an eye toenvironmental friendliness - this applies both to furnish the materials, and to thepower plant. In addition, the Pininfarina argued that a prototype will be theembodiment of all the experience that was gained by the company for all of his time in the field of design and engineering.
We also know that the concept car is named after the Italian city Kambyano, which houses the headquarters of the “Pininfarina“. This year the company will celebratetwo anniversaries at once: 30 years since the advent of Kambyano design center and 10 years since the founding of the engineering department here.

Video sports sedan Cambiano