Women's World Car

The jury Women’s World Car of the Year includes 20 cars ladies from 11 countries worldwide. This year’s award won Range Rover Evoque, ahead of the main category BMW 3 Series and Audi Q3.

The best car in the world are choosing not only journalists, men and women. The first winner of Women’s World Car of the Year in 2010 became the Jaguar XF. This year’s finalists competed for victory in five categories.
The jury consists of auto journalists from 11 countries worldwide. Each vehicle is evaluated on 10 criteria. Among them are safe, the combination of price and quality, aesthetic impression, the space inside the cabin, comfort for the transportation of children, ease of administration, economy, ecology, and even sexuality.
The main award was Range Rover Evoque, ahead of the struggle for the title of “World Women’s car of yearBMW 3 Series and Audi Q3. BMW bounced back in the family car category, surpassing the same Audi Q3 and the Ford Focus. Among the luxury models of the ladies once again attracted Range Rover Evoque, competitors, which this time was Jaguar XJ and Audi A6.
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The best sports car recognized the Porsche 911. Behind him he left the Jaguar XKR and Mercedes-Benz SLK. Finally, among the fuel-efficient cars excel Honda Civic, ahead of Volkswagen up! and the Ford Fiesta.
Winners will be honored during the Paris Motor Show in September this year.