Cars luxury brand Infiniti, still unreleased in Japan may soon change the registration. This is due to government policies in Japan to strengthen the yen.Rising in price causes an increase in domestic currency prices of locally assembledcars. As a result, machines are becoming less competitive in world markets.

Thus, the new Infiniti JX crossover will be made in the USA. Additional savings will not only take away the assembly outside of Japan, but also the proximity to the main market. Advanced compact models, including the serial embodiment of the conceptInfiniti Etherea, settle in Europe or China.
Revised policy also affect companies and Japanese plants. The share of foreignparts, is now about 15%, soon to increase to 65%.
Specific plans for the release of new models the company does not report. The presence of plants in many countries, Nissan allows a flexible approach to production planning. For example, Russia can produce models of Infiniti Izhevsk automobile plant.