Volkswagen extended the first official images of the five-door compact hatchback versions up! Model is practically no different from the three-door version, with the exception of easy access to the rear sofa.

The five-door variation on up! Concern has been presented at the Frankfurt Motor Show in concept form Cross up! Even then it was clear that VW will not fail to seize every opportunity to run such a modification in the series, and now the Germans have only confirmed it.
Dimensions of the hatchback remained virtually unchanged as the volume of cargo space. Volkswagen Up! receive the same motor scale, and that the three-door version. More precisely, the range consists of a three-cylinder engine of 1 liter in two degrees of boosting – 60 and 75 horsepower, spend between 4.2 to 4.3 liters per 100 kilometers. Remain unchanged and the list of available options and optional packages. Volkswagen Up! get some equipment first in its segment: in particular, the first compact car will be equipped with a system of preventive inhibition City Emergency Braking. In addition, the mentioned wide range of entertainment and information systems.
It is known that orders for new product dealers German group will take in March and the first “real” five-door up! go to customers by the end of spring.